Our Misunderstanding of Sugar 

Sugar is a general term used to describe all types of sugar, but not all sugars should be avoided. Learn about our misunderstanding of sugar.

What it Means to Be Living Very Well™

Your health is like a triangle with 3 sides – fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle supported by equal angles. Learn about The Living Very Well™ Method.

What I Learned After 1 Year of Sobriety

Here I am 1 year later, and it turns out that giving up alcohol was the best decision I could have made. Here’s what I’ve learned in the past year.  

We Need to Talk More About Men’s Mental Health

We do not talk about men and their mental health enough. Having been through my own mental health battles, I understand the stigma surrounding men and their mental health.

The Live Very Well™ Summer Challenge

July is my birthday month and the beginning of Leo season, so let’s put on our crowns and move our bodies in the Living Very Well™ Summer Challenge!

The 7 Common Men’s Health Issues

June is National Men’s Health Month, so let’s look at 7 common men’s health issues that can affect men at any age.

Summer Fitness: Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Goals

Summer presents a lot of challenges that make it hard to balance social gatherings and fun in the sun with regular workouts. But it doesn’t have to be challenging at all.


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