Transform your life from the inside out with the Live Very Well™ Method, a science-based approach to optimal wellness –  even if you’ve tried it all before and didn’t get the results you wanted.



Sign up for an annual membership and save 25% over month-to-month.


Sign up for a monthly membership at the regular price. Billed monthly on the 1st.


Your body is unique, so shouldn’t your workout be? I’ll create an optimized, science-based workout plan to fit your body’s needs and your goals.


Personalized nutrition plans to fit any diet with your goals in mind. If you’re having digestive issues, we will work together to get to the root (It’s food!) of those.


✔️ Progress tracking
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✔️ Monthly 15-minute 1-on-1 coaching session/check-in
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Think of your health as a triangle, which has three equal sides connected by three angles. If one of those angles is off or not supported by another, the triangle begins to collapse. My programs are designed with a science-based approach to fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle so can achieve optimal results so you can meet your personal needs and goals. 


Is There a Commitment?

There is a 3-month commitment for 1-on-1 coaching, but not for programs. If you sign up for a program, you should allow yourself three months to see significant progress. Instant results are not realistic. However, you should see small progress within a couple of weeks. I suggest every client give themselves 90 days to change their lives and allow time to see the amazing benefits of all their hard work.

What is the cost?

Programs start at $35/month. I offer an annual membership for $299, which saves you 25% on month-to-month.

What do I get with the Living Very Well™ programs?

Each program comes with a monthly 1-on-1 session to review progress and make changes to your program. With 1-on-1 coaching, you get weekly sessions and more detailed care. I recommend an elimination diet or getting a food sensitivity test to determine any food sensitivities before starting any program. Food sensitivities can hinder progress, so knowing those before you start will optimize your results.

Are programs available everywhere?

Yes. Access to programs (and 1-on-1 coaching) is available everywhere. I’m based in Austin, Texas, but I work with clients from all over the United States where laws permit. As a health coach, I’m your guide. It is your responsibility to follow the programs.

How Do I Get Started?

Regardless if you’re trying a monthly program or 1-on-1 coaching, the first step is to schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation. Before your consultation, I will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of any health conditions, past hurdles, current lifestyle and diet, and your goals. This ensures that you get the most out of your program. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL AFTER YOUR CONSULTATION AND YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR PLAN OF ACTION.

What Happens if I Don’t See Results?

It’s important to keep in mind that results are linear. Some people may see them right away, while others may take months or never see results at all. If something isn’t working, we will make adjustments to get you on the right path. This is why I suggest that you make a 90-day commitment to yourself and the program.

If a client is following the program and is not seeing results, we will suspend your program, and I will refer you to a medical professional before continuing.