What is the Very Well Philosophy?

How many times have you heard someone say, “new me?” I’d be willing to bet you’ve even said that phrase a few times, and a few weeks go by and it was back to “old me.” Trust me, we’ve all been there.  I can’t count how many times I’ve hit the reset button on my health journey.

There are many reasons we end up back at “old me.” Maybe life happens (i.e. new job, loss of job, move into a new home, etc). Or perhaps you have a health issue or injury that causes you to get off track.

The truth is, however, that none of them have to do with failure or giving up. It’s important to understand that the phrase “new me” is not obtainable in the first place. 

Each of you have a specific foundation that is unique to you. It’s also why so many people fail at diets, fitness programs, or give up on their goals. This is the core of the Very Well Philosophy.

I’m going to tell you about the four elements of the Very Well Philosophy, how they are used in my coaching programs to build a better you, not a new you! First, let me tell you about how I got here. 

The Backstory

If you saw me in public you probably would not guess that I am a fitness instructor and a nutritionist. It’s what makes me more relatable to my clients. I’ve been in your shoes.

I was a skinny kid growing up. I couldn’t put on weight regardless of how much I ate. As a matter of fact, I weighed 115 pounds when I started my freshman year at Marshall University. I tried protein shakes, high-carb diets, and even did heavy lifting throughout college. By the time I graduated five years later, I weighed 130 pounds. 

My doctor told my parents that I just had a fast metabolism. The more I studied the human body, the more I realized that was about half my problem. 

I have tried the fad diet of the year. I’ve exhausted myself with vigorous exercise programs. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on personal trainers only to see sub-optimal results.

The truth is I lacked education and resources to understand that it wasn’t what I was eating and the exercises I was doing, it was how I was eating and exercising. I believed that I could workout like everyone else, eat like everyone else, and see the same results. That’s simply just not true. We are all unique and have different hurdles in our way to being healthier and changing our lifestyle. Getting to the core of those hurdles is how the Very Well Philosophy works.

The Very Well Philosophy

The Very Well Philosophy combines four key elements and based in health sciences to set you up for success in your health journey – Foundation, Accountability, Support, and Education.

Think of it as any building. A building needs a foundation and multiple parts working together to make it stronger. Your body is the same type of structure – it’s a bunch of different parts working together to make you stronger. This is the root belief of the Very Well Philosophy. Let’s talk about these four elements.


Today, I’m 5-foot, 11 inches, 194 pounds, and exercise 4 to 5 times a week. I work a full-time job and attend graduate school. I have a dairy intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and I’m in my 40s.

If a 25-year-old at a different height and weight, that works a flexible job, and had no food sensitivities did the same diet and the same exercise routine as I do, we’d get very different results. 

My stressors are different. My body makeup is different. My lifestyle is different. In other words, our foundation is different. The same nutrition isn’t going to work for both of us, nor is our exercise routine.

So what makes up your foundation: It’s four things that are unique to you and that you cannot change – age, sex, metabolic rate, and genetics. It also consists of other factors such as health conditions, food intolerances, height and weight.

Without considering your foundation, nothing you do will facilitate change or provide optimal results. That’s where the other elements come into play.

Support and Accountability

I combined these two because they go hand-in-hand. Maybe you remember a high school coach that motivated you and held you accountable. If they were a good coach, they did just that. A sports coach helps an athlete develop and hone their skills for success.

Most people that lose track of their health goals lack a strong support system and accountability. Let’s face it, personal accountability is really difficult to maintain. After all, you can always make an excuse or have reason to not work out, go out to eat instead of cooking at home, or drink that cocktail. Remember, everything is ok in moderation. It’s when those excuses become regular occurrences that it becomes an issue.

Without accountability and support, you will not succeed. Accountability and support puts you on the path of success. With me as your health coach, you not only get my highest level of support, you also get accountability. I want you to succeed and feel healthier.


A health coach is someone educated in health sciences that helps you excel at living your life and making healthier choices. Health coaches support you with a wide variety of areas, such as weight loss, stress reduction, improving diet and exercise, and making lifestyle changes. It’s fine to know how to do those things, but knowing why you’re doing them is empowering.

I am educated in health sciences. I’m a former fitness instructor, a certified nutritionist, and will have a master’s degree in kinesiology at the end of the year. Not only can I tell you what to do, I can tell you why you need to do it. That puts the power in your hands!

My Mission

Did you know that 75% of the people that set a resolution to eat healthier or exercise more give up within two weeks? That statistic is so frustrating and it doesn’t have to be that way.

While there are several factors that cause someone to stop focusing on their health, the common denominators are unrealistic expectations and generalizations that what works for someone else will work for you!

My mission is simple: To help you build a better version of yourself through health education, lifestyle changes, and the highest level of support. Using the Very Well Philosophy, together we can empower you and set you up for the highest level of success.

I know what it’s like to want to feel better, eat better, and feel confident in my own skin, but not knowing where to start. I also know how all the information available can be overwhelming, and sometimes it’s not accurate.

What’s more, a lot of that information will not consider your unique foundation, such as food sensitivities, medical history, lifestyle hurdles, etc. That’s where I come in. 

How the Very Well Philosophy Works

The first step is to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation where we will go over your current lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine, your goals, and past hurdles you’ve faced.

From there, I will develop a plan of action and give you options and suggestions on a program is best suited for you. You are in the driver’s seat, meaning that you are in control. I am simply your teacher, support, and accountability. 

My programs will be tailored to your specific needs and goals and be unique to you. We will build from your foundation. All I ask is that you give me a 90-day commitment.

Why a 90-day commitment?

The fitness industry is flooded with promises to lose weight and get in shape in mere days or weeks, but that’s not possible. Diets are the same way.

In a perfect world, you would see instant results. However, that’s not how our bodies work. Remember, you are changing things your body is used to. Just like you, it needs time to adjust to your new lifestyle changes and diet. To see any adequate results, you need to give yourself three months. 

You will notice small changes each month. In the first month, you might notice that you sleep better and have more energy. You might notice that your focus is better as well. In the second month, you will likely notice that your endurance is better, your heart rate in the morning is slower, and that you feel stronger and more confident.

Then after three months, you’ll start to see more significant changes in how you feel and you may have shed a few pounds. Keep in mind that your results are linear and may take a little longer to full see the spectrum of all the positive changes you’ve made. 

Building a “new me” isn’t sustainable, but building a “better me” is. Let me help you get on the path to building a better you with the Very Well Philosophy. I will teach you how to eat, exercise, and make lifestyle changes to accomplish your goals and give you the why behind it!

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